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Game Didn't Respawn Me In Competitive

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Game Didn't Respawn Me In Competitive

Messagede JacobOlivia le 25 Sep 2017, 07:47

I wasn't recording unfortunately, but that is a highlight I requested during my inability to respawn on Eichenwalde in a competitive match. I died before the enemy captured the second point, and I assume my timer hit 0 at exactly the same time the enemy capped the second point. Instead of respawning me in the last spawn room, the game didn't respawn me at all. It was a solid minute or two of me watching my teammates struggle in a 5v6. Luckily, we still won the game in the next round 4-3, and I did spawn after that round ended, but this could have been a cheap and unfair loss.I didn't see this issue in the list of known issues. I'm definitely seeking a blue reply, this was extremely frustrating. This happened in a diamond game around 3250 SR.
Please Help.
Thanks !
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