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suggestions for recording gameplay?

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suggestions for recording gameplay?

Messagede JacobOlivia le 17 Nov 2017, 08:55


The problem I see is that the file could be exploited to extract information FD may not want to share with the player base, but this could be easily solved with encryption. I think most of the pieces to do this are already in the game and it wouldn't take much dev time to create. It also have very low probability of introducing new bugs since it would basically be using existing tools to play back a recorded session through the same tool normal gameplay would use.
We got some really great camera tools recently -how about going a step further and giving us the ability to make the feature really great. Giving us the capability of separating the task of flying and camera work I think would open up some really great possibilities. It would also make recording gameplay much less resource-intensive as we're only recording streams of values which can be rendered later rather than recording the render.

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